Keeping it simple since 1995

About Mode

We were founded as a print solutions company recognising the need for excellent client service that was lacking within the industry.

Mode has been built on this ethos, ensuring that our teams are the best in the industry and are always offering the clients we work with, total commitment in delivery of our managed business solutions.

As Mode has grown, using the same principles of our Print business, we have translated that into our IT and Communications business so that we are a complete managed business services provider for our clients. We like to keep things Simple and so by providing a wide breadth of services, we are ensuring that the clients we work with need never worry about their printing, IT and communications solutions. We support them with a complete service and our clients only ever work with us. We will never transfer any part of our relationship to any third parties. Our clients know that when they work with us, it will always be us that they deal with.

Our name actually comes from the famous 80’s band Depeche Mode and whilst this actually means “hurried fashion” it actually epitomises what we are today. We deliver fast, efficient service, the best response times in the industry, and yet we are always ahead of any technology innovations so that we can focus on our client’s needs.

Partnerships are of paramount importance to us, and our success is quite simple. it’s about our investment in our people, acting with integrity, respecting and investing in our relationships with our clients.

We also believe in working closely with our suppliers and creating partnerships, so that when we work with our clients, we are offering them a truly bespoke solution, tailored to them and not tied to one provider or manufacturer.

Mode strives to be the place to work and develop your career. We know investment in our teams and helping them develop their careers, ultimately helps our clients as we have a happy, productive team that share our commitment in our industry leading service.

There has always been a history of supporting our charities, Together4Shortlives, Marie Curie and Blue Cross, along with supporting many local charities throughout the year.

We remain committed to our environmental policy ensuring that we remain Carbon Zero and always review our process to ensure that we reduce the impact on our environment.

These principles are the foundation of Mode Solutions and 25 years we remain strong and continue to grow and we remain committed to the clients we serve.