Why is printing securely so important, now more than ever

We’re all embracing digital technology within our businesses but that also increases potential cyber security risks. Businesses have really focused on being secure in their internal software however it is now widely recognised that your printing environment can be a vulnerability point for potential hackers. However, by working with the right print provider, they should be able to mitigate any risk within your print fleet and ensure that you are secure.

So, you need to consider the following potential risks:

  1. If firmware is not regularly updated and if access credentials are easily compromised, then your business is susceptible to hackers.
  2. If you have multiple printing and mobile devices, there is a potential that data can be lost. This can mean that there can be a vulnerability for hackers to access unauthorised data which poses a massive threat to your business and its users.
  3. As the internet increases, so do the botnets. These botnets can infect any device or system and steal your data as they can connect wirelessly or directly to your business systems.

So, what can your business do to prevent any security threats?

Once you understand the risks, you can implement a strategy in your business. There are multiple layers to printing security which encompasses the network, device as well as the documents they produce. Consider adopting the following strategies:

  1. Update your operating system regularly. Firmware and patch devices need to be upgraded to ensure that all risks are mitigated. If you have older devices in your business, you need to be aware that these are a potential risk. Perhaps ensure that all upgrades are automatically deployed to all devices in your business.
  2. Ensure your access credentials are strengthened and implement a policy that ensures that passwords have to be changed regularly. Monitor and track the usage of your printers. If you follow stringent protocols, you can ensure that only authorised employees access your printers to ensure that any unauthorised individuals are unable to infiltrate the print queue or send harmful files to any of your printing devices.
  3. Change the default password on your printer or multifunctional device-this is imperative to the security of your printers
  4. Train your teams-ensure that all employees have had adequate training on security and the importance of protecting your print environment so that awareness is raised on importance of protecting the printing of sensitive information against any malicious threats. Better education reduces the risk of a data breach.

By working with the right managed print provider, you should receive all the support you need to ensure your teams are printing securely. If you want to find out more about what Mode can do to protect your security, then contact us today.

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