How to support your colleague’s health and well-being in a changing workplace

As it’s mental health awareness week, it’s a moment to reflect on how much the workplace has changed.

From last year, being thrown into remote working, with little notice, to now the prospect of changing again by either working in the office, and or both in a hybrid working environment, its imperative that we consider the affect this has on our colleagues and understand how we can support them as business leaders and teammates.

So, Mode’s top tips would be:

  1. Retain a work/life balance.

This is so important for people working from home. It’s well known that when you are working from home, it’s more difficult to remove yourself from work. Encourage your teams to set a definite finish time where they put the laptop away. Check they are at least having 30 mins for lunch and going for a walk. Refreshing the mind is so important.

  1. Check in with your teammates regularly.

It can be so isolating working from home on your own. Call a team mate to check in on them and see how they are feeling. If you are line managing team members, have regular updates which is not only important for workflow, but also just to check to see if they are supported and see how they are feeling.

  1. How can you work more collaboratively if you are in different locations?

Consider the different tools that can be used for collaborative work so that remote teams can feel more part of the team. Unified Communications is an excellent collaborative tool to ensure you all remain connected.

  1. Create wellness action plans.

These are a great way of keeping your team’s mental health on track. It’s a creation of steps to ensure that we are all looking after your mental wellbeing. You don’t need to feel you have any concerns right now to create one, by as managers it’s a great tool to support your teammates. The charity Mind as great resources on this

  1. Plan in future team events

As lockdown lifts, plan to organise some events so that everyone is getting together, this retains the team element of your business and encourages teammates that have been isolated for some time, to reengage with the business.

It’s so important we all look after ourselves and each other, particularly those we work with, so consider this, what are you doing today to connect with that teammate, you have not spoken to for some time.

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