How can apps support the hybrid workplace?

Did somebody say use apps? How can apps support the hybrid workplace?

We have experienced extremes in the last year. We were working in the office to suddenly working from home or perhaps you may have been furloughed for some time.

With the easing of lockdown (fingers crossed), a dilemma is emerging that has encouraged a debate regarding how we may be working in the future.

Zoom recently collaborated with Survey Monkey to investigate the future ways of working.

Whilst the survey found that the majority of workers are eagerly anticipating returning to the office (66%), according to the report:

About two-thirds (65%) of respondents who have been working from home over the past year said that a hybrid work environment was their ideal work model

Of that 65%, 33% said they prefer to work mostly from the office, while 32% prefer to work mostly from home.

18–34-year-olds prefer to work mostly from the office, while older remote workers that are 65+ prefer to work mostly from home meaning age was a considerable factor in preference.

The reality is, that for some time we may be in a hybrid working model and who knows whether it will be a reality to return to the way things were. However, maybe there will be a desire not to, so as business owners its essential that we engage with the tools that our teams will need to ensure seamless, secure collaboration for the future.

You may only think of Apps as something for your smartphone. But for some time, companies such as Xerox and several communications providers have been developing apps as tools to support the features on their devices and solutions. Apps are becoming so important for businesses communications and printing environment as they help shape and support the way we are working.

So, what Apps can help your business?

Well, communication has often been an issue for business through the pandemic so whether you have an on-premises solution for your communications or have evolved into the cloud, there are apps that can help your communications.

On-premises apps and Cloud Apps

Regardless of your communications solutions, mobile apps can be used to ensure that your business remains agile, seamless and supports your collaboration for the benefit of your clients.

The benefits it provides are clear:

  • Harness the power of unified communications regardless of on-premises or cloud
  • Use your own mobile with 1 sim. Any smart phone can be converted as an extension of your business
  • Connect to your business phone system seamlessly
  • No use of your data
  • Great network coverage as it’s a multi-network Sim utilising multiple mobile carriers.

Both support Unified Communications which is an incredible tool in ensuring that your teams can carry on working smoothly with the benefits of conference calling, instant messaging and your business number supported as if you’re all in the office!

What about the printing environment?

Xerox have been developing apps for a considerable time now that support the flow of documents in your business.

The most important development has been the touchless printing app, where with the use of a mobile app, you can connect to your printing solution you are able to activate all printing, so you don’t need to touch the device which is hugely impressive in supporting the stop of the spread of the virus.

However, the apps capability doesn’t stop there! From Auto redaction apps which are particularly supportive of protecting sensitive documents, to connecting to your business solutions such as Salesforce or quick books, to supporting your cloud storage, there is a whole wealth of apps that can help your printing and document environment. All of these are secure and are only there to support your teams working processes and collaboration.

So why not take a look at the apps that can help your teams today and speak to Mode to get the support your business needs now.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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