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Our client’s issues.

One of our clients were stuck with several time-consuming manual tasks, that were affecting the efficiency of their business. They are a chain of restaurants in London and being in such a fast-paced environment, such as a hospitality, requires time to be managed wisely.


One of the tasks that was consuming most of their time was processing invoices. Before our clients contacted us, they were manually scanning and filling in all the invoice information onto their computers. All their accounting processes were manual with individual restaurant managers sending paper version of accounts weekly via a courier. This added so much operational time for the individual restaurant managers and then time in the central office, having to collate and manage vast quantities of paper. Processes were certainly not quick or helpful.

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Our solutions

How did Mode help?

From the first contact with our clients, we knew the best solution to their problem would be installing a Document Management System. A document management system can drastically improve the efficiency within a business by reducing the time it takes to do tasks through automatisation.


The Document Management System we proposed for this client is DocuWare. DocuWare gave our client the ability to scan and authorise invoices automatically, thus reducing the time they spent on manually scanning invoices and increasing the efficiency of their daily processes. DocuWare also allowed our client to move their physical processes onto an electronic storage system, therefore cutting their storage costs and making them more eco-friendly.


So now, each restaurant manager logs onto the accounting portal daily and inputs their sales revenue. All back up documentation is scanned automatically and allows the DocuWare desktop app to work in the background to import the documents into the system already pre-indexed. This allows the central office to examine and retain the information and post to the accounting system.

Mode’s Document Management System has alleviated my concern of putting an added burden on our managers. We’re now more efficient and streamlined in our operations, which means we can focus on serving culinary delights to our clients!”

Geoff, Operations Manager

The results

Our client is now happy with the speed of their processes and can invest their time and resources into different areas of their business-mainly serving excellent food! Operations are quicker, more streamlined, and exceedingly efficient. Our Account Manager, Mitchell, goes back to check on our client regularly, to ensure that they’re happy with their new system and offer support in other areas of their document management processes to ensure that they are functioning as efficiently as they can.

Our clients

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