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Creating cohesvie communication operations in retail clients

Our retail client was a multisite domestic appliance vendor, who had grown extensively without considering the operational solutions they needed to support that growth.

Our client’s issues.

When our retail client began speaking with us, it was apparent that their business had grown successfully rather rapidly within a relatively short period of time. Having started with one shop they have grown within a few years to have 6 and the telecommunications they had implemented were no longer fit for purpose. With several phones in each shop, all phones were desk phones, staff were unable to take calls and walk around the shop to check stock. So they would have to leave the phone, walk to get the information and come back to the desk to speak to the customer. This delayed client service and created irritation with their customers.

Equally each shop had different phone systems, meaning they could not talk to each other. So if a call came in to 1 shop, they had to ask the customer to call the other shop. They couldn’t change the call routing (where the calls go to on incoming) themselves unless they were physically in the office, so if someone was off sick or they had to make changes at a weekend they would have to go into the shop to do this.

Also the client experience when a call came in was non-existent. No on hold music or messages while clients were placed on hold- just silence. All calls came in on the same number regardless of if the customer was after sales or service. The client was spending a lot on calls to engineeers in order to communicate with their teams, in an attempt to offer good client service.

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Our Solution

It was obvious from our review of their business, that their client service was being damaged by incohesive communications solution so we suggested a mulitude of solutions that would bring cohesion and clarity in their telecommunications that would better support their clients’ experience as well as make their own teams work seamlessly. The key solution was to implement a cloud system. With the cloud system they can now transfer calls between the sites as if they’re internal calls. Saving time, better customer experience and more efficient. We also installed 1 dect phone (cordless) at each site and also a cordless headset at each site so staff could answer the calls and move around without making the customer wait. More efficient, making life easier and keeping staff happy and mobile.

They now have a web portal where they have complete control. Log in at home or wherever they have internet and change where they want the calls to route to. This is an ideal solution for a small company with a small amount of staff, as if someone is sick in one site, then the calls can be re-routed to another location which eliminates any frustration for their clients’.

We have recorded professional MOH, with information about the company, what they specialise in, opening hours and useful information which is really professional and they can promote exactly what they offer- Free advertising whilst their clients are on hold.

We have implemented a nice simple auto attendant with 3 options, one for sales, another for service and the last for accounts. Their client gets to speak to the right person straight away and our client now can see exactly what call is coming in and what it is probably about. Another great level of customer service. Not only that, they are saving money on call charges to their engineers as with a cloud solution, all UK mobile calls are free of charge.

Implementing a cloud solution to our multisite retailer has enabled their operations and client experience to be smoother, seamless and more efficient!

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The results

Seamless, cohesive operations which have resulted in our client’s teams workflow to be smoother. For their clients, it means a great experience when they call them or need their services.

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