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Our construction client had large office and outbuildings and with ongoing projects, their communications systems were struggling which was impacting on delivery timescales

Our client’s issues.

Our Client had not only large offices and warehouses, but they were also managing various construction projects, which meant they had teams in various locations. They also had a builders merchant shop which was exceedingly popular. At the time they were using cordless phones which had atrocious signals, and the quality of the call was insufficient for the level of service they needed to provide. Each call rang evey phone so there was no way of establishing where each call had to be routed. They had attempted to engage with their current supplier to try and improve the caller experience, but they were finding them reluctant to be flexible and offer suggestions as to how to improve their communications. However, our client was concerned about moving to the cloud and was dubious about whether this would be an improvement for them.

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Our Solution

Initially, we completed a full site survey to establish exactly how many base stations would be required to ensure full coverage across the customers site for the unify dect (cordless) solution. We provided the fully integrated unify dect package and M3 pro robust handsets. Our client can now use the cordless phones across the whole site without losing signal. This has resulted in their teams and clients working more efficiently together, creating a better client experience.

Our Client was concerned about fully implementing the cloud and didn’t want to extend that far in changing their commiuncations. So initially we installed the Unify Hybrid System which means the system is on the customers premises, however we provided SIP trunks which would enable them to use the cloud technology whilst still gaining full control of their system. This resulted in seamless communication wherever their teams were working.

We also provided an auto attended on the system to give their customers the option on which department they required. This meant our clients teams were no longer required to answer every call as the caller was directed to the departments they needed.

Our Client was able to write a script of exactly what they wanted their clients to listen to whilst on hold. This included information on their various services they had to offer, opening hours, details on their website. They chose the voice and music and we got this professionally recorded for them. This has created a really professional experience when their clients call and so much better than silence. It’s also advertising their various services so is a great marketing tool for them. Our client is also benefitting from our engineers who are fully trained in Unify, attending regular training courses to remain up to date with the technlogy and they ensure that they spend the time necessart with our clients ensuring everything is set up correctly.

We provide a dedicated Account Manager to service, maintain and look after every customer

The results

Not only have we created cohesion in our clients internal comms, we have blended on premise solutions with the cloud to create seamless and collaborative communications that enhances our client’s operations.

Our clients

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