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As a business grows, its operational processes can become outdated. That’s why our property consultancy client had to review their communications system in order to support their teams, their clients and drive the development they needed to remain successful.

Our client’s issues : inadequate communications

The major issue faced by our client was the very poor quality of their broadband. It proved to be a sticking point in being able to deliver their services to their property clients and was creating a huge amount of frustration within their teams.


Also, their existing phone system didn’t enable them to see who was calling them, nor where the call needed to be diverted. In short, it was creating a disjointed experience and impacting the delivery of the business services.

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Our solution : on-premise phone system

As the clients’ broadband is poor and with no fibre available, we opted for the LG On-Premise solution. This phone system is a hybrid system and will run off their current ISDN lines for the time being.


Once fibre is available, we can order and upgrade the lines to Voice over Internet protocol SIP Trunks, hence futureproofing our customer’s solution.


We provided Unified Communications System (UCS) power on the phone system. It’s a software that runs in conjunction with our client’s phones on their computers.

The upside? Each user can see exactly who is calling, has access to a phone book, can see their latest dialled numbers and missed calls! They can even highlight a number and click to dial out.


Now, our customer also has access to an ISDN call recorder.


Every call that comes in or goes out of the office is recorded. It enables teams to go back and listen to vital pieces of information if needed and keep important calls. These can be searched by telephone number, date, time, extension number. It’s nice and easy to use and proves a useful training tool both for new starters and existing teams who need to maintain best practices.

Furthermore, we provided Bluetooth headsets to teams, enabling them to  respond to calls away from their desks, be more flexible in their work and more proactive.

On-premise solutions are a flexible step if you are not operationally ready to step up to the cloud yet.

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The result

Our client’s teams are more flexible in their operations and highly productive. The company now offers a seamless, client focused approach in their communications and is ready for the future.

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Supporting our Property Consultant clients with their Communications needs

Our clients in the property markets understand that they need support in their communications. Not everyone is ready for the cloud for a multitude of operational reasons, so we are still here to offer advice and support for clients that need communications solutions that are on-premise.

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