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Easily manage overflow calls with our VoIP phone system

FEATURES & Benefits


Record your calls and listen back to vital information that you may have missed.


Your call management system will improve drastically with on-hold marketing.


Make, record manage, delete and edit your calls with the Cloud VoIP system


Users can make cloud connected calls from their the most convenient device.


Improve your Call Quality, Reduce your Costs

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is totally hassle-free and a low-cost option that is suitable for any type of business. It allows flexibility in your telephone system, while decreasing your call charge. With VoIP systems, it is not necessary to have multiple phone lines or hardware.

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The features are endless

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, we can offer you a range of VoIP phone systems

🤝🏼 CRM Integration

Whether you are on HubSpot, Zoho, or Salesforce, our VoIP phone systems can be integrated into your CRM. This integration will save your team countless hours as you’ll no longer need to go back and forth into your CRM and phone system.

☁️ Cloud-based

Want high-quality calls and faster speeds? Then our VoIP cloud-based systems will not only offer you high-quality calls but will improve your disaster recovery process as you have the choice to choose between an onsite-based solution or a cloud server-based solution.

💻 Video Conferencing

We’ve all been in a video conference and have struggled with our connection always cutting out. When you switch to our VoIP phone systems, these issues will become a problem of the past. When you have an in-house video conferencing system, cut travel costs, speak to several people at once, no matter the location, and have access to high-quality video calls.

📱 Mobile App for Remote Working​

With our VoIP phone systems, you will gain access to a mobile video-conferences, mobile calls, call monitoring and several more features, wherever and whenever.

Connect all your devices with the Cloud

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, our VoIP Cloud Systems allow to call wherever you are.

Different VoIP features such as On-hold Marketing

Getting an overflow of calls, but no way of managing them? Our on-hold marketing improves the overflow management for your business by implementing auto-attendants.

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Make your calls safely and securely

When you’re connected to the cloud, you’ll automatically benefit from enhanced security from servers with 24/7 security, saving you maintenance and disaster recovery costs.

Why choose Mode Solutions?

We care about you and your business. That’s why we offer outstanding customer service. No matter the size, we can provide your business with reliable VoIP phone systems for an affordable price. Our diligent engineers and service team offer:

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