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From law practises and Barristers chambers to manufacturing and retail, Mode has supported a whole breadth of industries for over 25 years. We focus on understanding your business needs and support you with proactive management of all your IT solutions as technology evolves. We like to partner with you and provide you with the expertise your business needs to be progressive and innovative.


Industry sectors we have helped

Mode provides enhances your business operations with over 25 years of expertise in IT managed services support. From taking time to understand your business and supporting your strategy, to providing seamless, proactive support, we partner with you and offer you services to alleviate the burden of your business solutions. We’ve worked with many industries and our clients stay with us as they are reassured by the peace of mind that our outstanding service provides them, coupled with the knowledge that we will support them as technology evolves.


Your finance teams need business support they can rely on and our expertise provides your business with IT solutions that will ensure total business continuity.

Our vision is Simple. Deliver the IT solutions that support your organisations’ digital transformation enabling your business to evolve. We are a leading managed service provider and the technology partner of choice to help businesses of all sizes through their journey of digital transformation. A flexible, software-defined, secure and scalable hybrid IT environment is paramount for your business success and we’re passionate about delivering outstanding client support.

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We work with barristers and law practises in providing the level of support they need for all their business solutions

Accurate, fast and effienct delivery of information is what is important to our legal clients. Ahead of the curve in digital transformation, Mode has worked with the legal profession for over 25 years. From legal practises of all sizes, Barristers to the Supreme Court, we support clients in all aspects of business systems. From solutions for printing and document management, as well as ensuring solid business continuity, we work with you to determine your exact requirements and implement what you need and implements robust security.


Some of the biggest challenges have been faced by the retail sector so ensuring you have the right IT solutions in place for your success means working with a support team that can deliver robust, secure and evolving technologies

The digital transformation has propelled the retail sector into the technical arena like no other. We work with may retailers on supporting their business infrastructure to streamline processes and ensure their client experience is intuitive and seamless.

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The Construction industry is focused on compliance and engaging with digital transformation. Implenting the processes and solutions your business needs supports your teams productivity

Our clients in construction have worked with us as they recognise the need for their strategy to transform their processes which is paramount to their ongoing success. From implementing the cloud and supporting their document management processes, we have worked with our construction clients to accelerate their growth strategies.


Integrating a fully optimised unified communications strategy supports collaboration in all areas of hospitality

Improve your client experience with operational processes that maximises your potential. Whether you are a restaurant or hotel, you need to optimise your communications and document processes underpinned by robust IT to deliver the experience your clients deserve.

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Deliver the healthcare your patients deserve by implementing exceptional technology and work with a managed services provider that can support your digital transformation.

Our healthcare clients are focused on implementing the IT they need for robust communications to deliver the best client care. However, being mindful of cost does not mean compromise on quality of service, and we support them by offering flexibility and recommendations on the solutions they need

Our Other Industries

Our expertise encompasses a breadth of industries supporting clients in IT solutions that are bespoke to their needs. We don’t make assumptions, our recommendations are focused on understanding your business strategy to support you with flexible, secure and scalable solutions.

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News & Insights

Why your remote working teams need multifunctional printing

Combining a strong document management strategy using multifunctional devices will support your business operations to ensure that your teams can work seamless, efficiently and securely as MFD’s can deliver real benefits to your hybrid teams:

Business continuity plans to support Hybrid Working

Traditional metrics for IT are still exceedingly important particularly for hybrid working and focusing on uptime, backup, disaster recovery and especially business continuity, means that all areas of the business need to be protected to ensure that your hybrid working teams, regardless of their location, have the access they need to work efficiently and securely.

How remote working is affecting Law firms Cyber Security

Unsecured networks and accessing information on insecure home devices and having to share data all online, have left law firms with huge gaps in security which allows hackers to exploit.
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Our Expert James has worked with an extensive range of industries and takes time to understand what you operational needs are to support you with the solutions you need.

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