VoIP Systems


VoIP Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone system that transmits your voice over the Internet. It’s a way of making phone calls without the use of phone lines.


VoIP is totally hassle-free and a low-cost option that is suitable for any type of business. It allows you flexibility in your telephone system. Also, your call charges are lower and it is not necessary to have multiple phone lines or hardware.


How does VoIP work?

Your voice is transmitted digitally. VoIP creates what can only be described as little packages of data then converted into audio signals by a process called ‘codecs’.

 This data packet is transmitted through IP either through Local Area Network (LAN) or online. This delivery is instant : the person you are speaking with experiences a phone call just like any other traditional method.


The beauty of VoIP is that it presents itself very much like a traditional process of making a phone call whereby you use hardware or software-based VoIP phones.

If you use hardware for your VoIP calls, this means that you will have a traditional handset. You wouldn’t know the difference between VoIP and traditional methods.


Otherwise, your business could opt for the software-based VoIP phones often referred to as “softphones”. This is where you replace the traditional handset and use apps or programmes installed on to your computer to make your phone calls using a headset. With softphones you can use computer speakers and microphones to make calls.


Features & Benefits

Supports Remote Working

Video Conferencing

Mobile App

Call Functionality

Recording and Monitoring

Integrate to your CRM

On-Hold Marketing


VOIP/ IP Phones

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